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1. Do I need a Russian Visa?

No, a Russian Visa is not required if:

* For this trip you need a confirmation for your overnight accommodation

** The shuttle bus ticket is FREE of charge if you book sightseeing tours through Tour De Force

2. If we arrive without visa do we sleep on the ship while in St. Petersburg, or do we need to book a hotel?

If you stay in St Petersburg overnight you will need to book a hotel as the ship runs between St. Petersburg and Helsinki every day.

3.I have purchased a ferry ticket (one-way) between Helsinki and St. Petersburg, at the end of September. We have received an invitation and a place to stay in St. Petersburg. I also purchased the city bus tour. If I stay for less than 72 hours am I allowed to fly out of St. Petersburg?

No, without a Visa you can go back only by ferry!

4. Will the cruises and tours still be available in winter?

Our cruise Helsinki - Saint-Petersburg – Helsinki is available year-round, except for a few weeks in January and February.

5. Are the cruises without visa, departing from Helsinki, opened for any nationalities? E.g. Hungarian, Philippines?

Yes, all nationalities can travel without visa by ferry.

6. There are two of us. Do we have to share the cabin with two strangers?

The price is valid for the whole cabin. It means that if you paid for a whole cabin, you can travel there alone and strangers won’t disturb you.

7. What is Tour De Force cancellation and return policy?

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