Top attractions

Tretyakov Gallery

Founded in 1856 by the merchant Tretyakov, the museum boasts the largest collection of Russian masters, from ancient Russian icons to an outstanding collection of pre-revolutionary art and major works up to the present day.


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The extensive collection of the Armoury contains many Russian treasures including court regalia, jewelry, coronation gowns, armour, golden carriages and some of the fabulous Easter eggs created for the tsars by Fabergé.

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The Kremlin is Russia’s mighty political powerhouse and today the seat of the Russian President. During the guided walk through the grounds of the Kremlin you will see governmental buildings, gold-domed cathedrals and the Tsar’s bell – the largest bell that never rang! Within the 15th- century Kremlin fortress, you will visit the stunning Byzantine- style Assumption Cathedral - the oldest and the most important church in the Kremlin - where tsars were crowned, decrees were read and solemn events of state were celebrated.

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Kremlin & Armoury

This is the combination of the tour of the Kremlin grounds and a visit to the he extensive collection of the Armoury.

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Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

The museum houses one of the world's largest collections of Western European Art. Of particular interest are the halls devoted to French Impressionism. Oriental, Greek and Roman arts are also well-represented in the collection.

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