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Moscow Metro Petersburg Russia

Moscow Metro Petersburg Russia Moscow Metro Petersburg Russia Moscow Metro Petersburg Russia

Home to some of the world's most renowned tourist attractions, the city of Moscow keeps one of its most important treasures hidden deep underground. Designed by the most skilled architects of the Soviet Union, Moscow's metro system has been described as an underground art museum, for its unique murals and decorations.

Moscow Metro is sometimes referred to as its Underground Palace or the Palace for the People. Part of the first Five Year Plan from 1928-1933, the Metro was one of Stalin's shining achievements. Building the Metro was seen as a way to showcase the ideals of socialism and the achievements of the workers and peasants. Construction began in 1932 and the metro was considered the most important State construction project of the time. Several of Russia's finest artists were enlisted to design and decorate the stations. The only restriction placed on designers was to work within the ideals of Socialist Realism.

The inaugural thirteen stations were opened on May 15, 1935. Many of the stations built in the second, third and fourth phases were constructed quite deep below the surface. They were intended to serve as bomb shelters during the World War II.

Nowadays the number of stations is 180. The Tour is focused on the most interesting stations with a brief account of their history and special features.


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