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A trip to Vladimir and Suzdal Petersburg Russia

A trip to Vladimir and Suzdal Petersburg Russia A trip to Vladimir and Suzdal Petersburg Russia A trip to Vladimir and Suzdal Petersburg Russia

For those with limited time to see Russia a short trip to Vladimir and Suzdal - towns of the Golden Ring - is a perfect weekend away from bustling Moscow (around 200 km).

While Vladimir has more developed tourist infrastructure, Suzdal has more charm. Vladimir was a major political, religious, and cultural center when Moscow was still an unremarkable provincial capital.

The architecture of Vladimir's Cathedral of the Assumption (1158) always attracted cathedral designers. Suzdal - founded in 1024 - still feels untouched by the upheaval of Russia's past. The town centers around the Trading and Red Squares. The 11th-century Kremlin ("fortress" in Russian) preserves some of its original walls.

Suzdal's highlights are its convents and monasteries, Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant's Life. One of the monasteries - the Pokrovsky Convent is known as a shelter for the first wives of Russian czars seeking younger companionship, including Peter the Great's wife Evdokia Lopukhina. The solemn grounds are again a functioning convent, and include an unusual inn of wooden cottages open for tourists. In summer, the nuns graze cows in the surrounding fields. A walk around Suzdal gives you good glimpses of the decorative wooden frames of typical Russian houses, and compact but rich vegetable gardens that feed many rural families.

The tour order may vary.

Duration - 2 days/1 night.

Services included:

  • Accommodation: 4* hotel - TWIN rooms
  • Meals: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch
  • Sightseeing: private guided tour (English) of Vladimir and Suzdal
  • Transfers: round trip private transfers from /to Moscow
  • Entry fees included as per itinerary.
    Single supplement is 99$.


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in a party
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2 $187
4 $136
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30 $77

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